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Learn Hebrew!
Together With Your Kid, Otal & Feu

Hebrew Edition

Otal and Feu - Hebrew Edition

English Edition

Otal and Feu - English Edition

Russian Edition

Отал и Феу - книга на русском языке

Discover the joy of learning Hebrew through the enchanting world of children's books - Otal and Feu ( series! Dive into a colorful story, whimsical characters, and delightful illustrations while mastering the language of Israel. With engaging plots and simple language, these books make learning Hebrew fun and accessible for learners of all ages. Begin your language adventure today and let the magic of children's books guide you on your Hebrew learning journey!

Hello! We are Otal, 'the sausage dog,' & Feu, the kitten. You can read about us in a heartwarming story in Hebrew and English. A family, along with their son, made aliyah to Israel, settled in Haifa, and adopted us to make their (and our!) lives better and more colorful.

Welcome to Haifa!

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