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זה חיפה
ים התיכון
I am Otal - a Dachshund aka 'sausage dog' as kids call me. And Feu the kitten - my best friend - is always by my side.

We live in Haifa, Israel and love to play together. Our good owner loves us so much that he wrote a book about us! Come and read how we met and became friends...

Who we are


We are real!

We do not just love to play. We are here to share our games with you! Come to our blog, look through our photos and read live stories about us! You can also send us a letter!
We love the book! It smells very tasty and we like to see us drawn and published. All the children from 2 to 7 love this book too!

For everybody!

Hebrew Edition
English Edition
Russian Edition
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